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Dr. Michal Segal Arnold, attorney and mediator

Intellectual Property, Commercial Law and Corporate Law

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About the Office

Dr. Adv. Michal Segal-Arnold is the owner of a private legal firm in Haifa that offers a variety of legal services to corporations, companies and private clients, with an emphasis on IP and copyright, contracts, commerce, internet, technology and corporate law. 


Michal served as Chairman of the Haifa Bar Association's Intellectual Property Committee and as Chairman of the National Manufacturers Association's Blue and White Headquarters, also serving as a member of the board. In this capacity, she often appeared in the media.


She is a graduate of Haifa University’s Law School (2010), holds a doctorate in Political Science from the University of Pennsylvania (2000), a master's degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the Technion (1993) and a bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Haifa (1990), obtained through an outstanding B.A. honors program.


Michal is a seasoned lawyer who places the interests of her clients above all else. She safeguards their interests, providing close guidance and ensuring her constant availability when needed. Additionally, she represents them
in court proceedings when necessary. Her motto is “My clients' interests come first, but let's try not to end up in court

About - about the office

Consulting, Representation and Mediation

Consulting, representation and mediation

Michal brings her experience in industry, commerce and academia to her legal practice, integrating her practical knowledge into her work.


As an experienced mediator, Michal incorporates a mediation approach into her legal work.


She emphasizes: "Lawsuits often raise upheavals and uncertainty, are time-consuming, and incur various costs, including emotional tolls. I encourage my clients to safeguard their interests by gaining a thorough understanding of the situation and the broader context in contracts, agreements and terms of use, and to resolve issues whenever possible outside of court.


I advocate for court intervention on behalf of my clients only after exhausting attempts to mediation between the parties, and only all other options have been unequivocally exhausted.


Michal's clients frequently seek her advice. She asserts, “It is better to comprehend all the diverse aspects of the situations you are entering into and to safeguard yourself through contracts and agreements, intellectual property registration, website terms of use and other means. My clients consult with me, and I am pleased when they establish clear boundaries with partners, clients and books, thereby avoiding situations from getting into situations that may subject them to lawsuits court proceedings.

תחומי עיסוק

Areas of Practice


Internet Law

Michal specializes in website terms of use, resolving disputes between website owners, and addressing conflicts between website owners and users. She also handles various aspects of internet use in general, including defamation and violations of intellectual property and copyrights.

Lasting power of attorney and wills for individuals and families

Ongoing Power of Attorney and Wills for Individuals and Families

Drawing on her experience working with family-owned businesses, Michal has developed a comprehensive approach to managing the intergenerational transfer of assets. She provides thorough assistance with ongoing powers of attorney and wills to both business-owning families and those without their own businesses. Her services are designed to be pleasant and convenient, offering ample information and explanations in a relaxed manner. Michal facilitates open discussions about end-of-life processes and how to handle them comfortably and efficiently.

Corporate law and corporate law

Corporate Law

Michal provides comprehensive legal support for companies, covering various aspects such as: the establishment of companies, drafting agreements between partners and founders, lease agreements, agency agreements, networks agreements, mediation between partners and between companies, the transfer of shares, the intergenerational transfer of companies, and consultation for family-owned companies. Her services encompass all matters related to companies and partnerships

Intellectual property and copyright

Intellectual Property and Copyright

Michal offers comprehensive legal guidance regarding intellectual property and copyrights encompassing all facets and phases of website creation, invention, design, product, etc. Her services also include the registration of trademarks, patented designs and collaboration with patent attorneys when required, consulting on cases where registration may not be possible, and drafting agreements between inventors and investors.

Rest Assured

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Personal Accompaniment

Dr. Michal Segal-Arnold is committed to offering her clients not only professional legal guidance, but also personal accompaniment characterized by a relaxed demeanor and genuine concern for their interests and well-being. Michal prioritizes treating each client as an individual, acknowledging their unique needs and concerns, tailoring her legal advice and legal assistance to each client’s specific circumstances.

Legal professionalism

Legal Professionalism

Michal Segal-Arnold brings a wealth of experience from diverse fields including industry, academia, law and the arts. She is experienced, professional and authoritative.
Michal has served as Chairman of the Manufacturers Association’s Blue and White headquarters and as a member the board. Additionally, she has held the position of Chairman of the Haifa Bar Association's Intellectual Property Committee. Drawing from her multifaceted expertise, Michal offers her clients invaluable benefits, including extensive legal professionalism, broad knowledge, and a wide-ranging perspective.

Protects your rights

Defending Your Rights

Michal leverages her extensive knowledge, experience, professionalism, and talent to offer her clients a holistic and comprehensive legal solution, delivering professional service while ensuring a pleasant experience for her clients.

Representation in courts

Representation in Court

If you find yourself facing a lawsuit, Dr. Michal Segal-Arnold will defend you in court and will also assist you in filing a lawsuit, but only as a last resort. Recognizing that pursuing legal action is a lengthy and resource-intensive process in terms of both time and finances, she will only recommend it if there are no viable alternatives, and only after communicating to you the potential consequences and costs involved.

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