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Transactions by Self-Employed Women

Five things every self-employed woman must consider before making a transaction.


Copyright: Are songs posted on Facebook eligible for protection?

The Fisher-Price Affair

The Fisher-Price Affair - significant bolstering of intellectual property laws.

Legal Guidance for Family Businesses

Legal guidance for family businesses: between law and mediation.

Guesthouse Operators

Guesthouse operators - here's how to protect yourself from lawsuits.

Employers’ Property Rights in the Modern Age

A court ruling stating that Guy Lerer will retain ownership of the “The Tube” Facebook page

Startup: From Idea to Exit

Do you have an idea that no one else has thought of? Do you dream of striking it rich?

What Should I Know Before Drafting a Will?

Guesthouse operators - here's how to protect yourself from lawsuits.

Why is it Advisable to Appoint an Estate Manager?

What do Leah Goldberg, an international businessman and a successful family business owner have in common?


Ongoing Power of Attorney – Giving You Back Control Over Your Life

It is recommended that every person - young or old, healthy or sick - have an ongoing power of attorney.

Attorneys for Family-Owned Businesses

Especially during the holidays, families often find themselves in crises arising from that dangerous combination...

Contracts and International Commerce

When you’ve decided to expand to new markets and remote geographical areas, please consult an experienced lawyer...

Architecture Copyright

Architecture copyright comes into play when the unique architectural elements are prominently displayed in the work.

The Incarnation of a Melody or Copyright Infringement

In many cases, the court is tasked with delineating the fine line that separates inspiration from copyright infringement.

The Rights and Legal Protections of Intellectual Property

You can safeguard intellectual property - here are the ways to do so, the duration of the protection, and key considerations.

פארק לאומי ברייס, יוטה, ארה״ב

The Grand Canyon USA, Visitor's Guide

There is perhaps no other place in the world whose human-given name is as fitting as the Grand Canyon.

Utah Wildlife Sanctuaries - USA

Many travelers talk about their love of nature. For some, it is a feeling of silence and distance

Indian Reservations – Fantasy Versus Reality

When you say "Indian reservations" you imagine tall, beautiful Indians, noble savages...

Emigrees Returning to America

Since the dawn of the North American continent, diverse groups have come to and roamed its expanses.

Travel Destinations with Children in Southern Scotland

In this article I will discuss a trip with children in southern Scotland, where travel is laid back.

Traveling with Children in Scotland

Scotland offers a perfect shelter from the scorching heat of July and August in Israel. It is green and beautiful, a refreshing respite from our intense summer.

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