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מיכל סגל ארנולד

Michal Segal Arnold

Attorney and Mediator – Specializing in Intellectual Property and Commercial Law

עו״ד וד״ר מיכל סגל ארנולד

Personal Background

Michal completed her doctorate on AIM, the American Indian Movement in the US, where she lived throughout most of the 1990s, residing in Philadelphia and on Indian reservations in Minnesota and Manitoba, Canada.
Coming from of a family with a background in commerce, industry and the arts, Michal served as Vice President of Marketing at Alubin, a company owned by her family, for about a decade. Presently, alongside her full-time legal practice, she is pursuing her master's degree at Tel Aviv University's School of Film and Television.

Michal’s diverse professional background and intimate familiarity with the realms of industry, commerce, academia and creativity gives her clients a significant advantage.

Specialization in Intellectual Property and Copyright

intellectual property.png

Michal Segal-Arnold is an experienced intellectual property professional dedicated to assisting her clients in safeguarding their intellectual property rights and copyrights. Her services include:


  • Registration of trademarks, patented designs, and patents (in collaboration with patent attorneys).

  • Copyright management and licensing, as well as intellectual property partnerships and collaboration agreements.

  • Handling cases involving intellectual property infringement.

Segal-Arnold’s clientele encompasses a diverse range of clients, including Israeli and international companies of varying sizes, private individuals, creators, artists, and families. Segal-Arnold assists her clients in safeguarding their intellectual property assets, which may include logos, slogans, music, designed products, websites or other rights. By doing so, she helps preserve their rights in a turbulent and competitive market.

Interesting Case:

Michal accompanied Israelis about whom a book was written and the film rights to it were sold to Steven Spielberg's production company, without their knowledge or consent. They wanted to sue, but she offered to reach a solution in other ways. She conducted negotiations with the writer and the production company, obtained an agreement with the production company for her clients, while maintaining their rights and a handsome payment. "It is always better to reach achievements in negotiations and not in court" she says

Internet Laws:


Segal-Arnold specializes in internet law, offering professional services to clients facing legal challenges arising from internet use. Her expertise spans various areas, including the safeguarding online intellectual property, interpreting the implications of online contracts, facilitating internet-related collaborations, addressing defamation issues in the online sphere, and crafting internet cooperation agreements. Dr. Adv. Segal-Arnold provides comprehensive legal assistance to businesses, companies and individuals, covering all aspects of internet law.

About Her Book - Ringo and I


Ringo and I – Michal Segal-Arnold’s debut book, Pardes Publishing Houseut

Inspired by her time living on Indian reservations, her doctoral studies in the United States and the music of The Beatles, Ringo and I tells the tale of a woman who has been consumed with grief following her father’s passing, unable to find solace. Even her profound spiritual encounters fail to alleviate her sorrow. Everything changes, however, when Ringo Starr appears in her life, telling her she is a time traveler who has the power to help others. Skeptical at first, she eventually embraces the notion, finally embracing the notion that she has the capacity to embark on journeys beyond space and time. She realizes that these are not just dreams, as she had previously believed, and discovers that we are all capable of helping each other and are all interconnected and have a collective responsibility to support one another, just as she learned during her time living with the Indians.


The book provides valuable assistance to individuals grappling with private crises, grief, and separation from loved ones. The first edition quickly sold out, prompting the release of a second edition to all stores by Pardes Publishing House, available directly from the publisher or in stores. Ringo and I achieved considerable success thanks to word-of-mouth recommendations, with numerous readers reaching out to Michal to thank her and share how the book helped them personally.

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