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Michal believes in the importance of seeking professional guidance from the outset to prevent problems. She offers her clients comprehensive and thorough advice, drawing from her legal, commercial, industrial and academic expertise. From the outset, Michal prepares her clients for the challenges they may encounter and explores potential solutions. According to her, this approach “prevents future legal complications and saves my clients a lot of money and heartache.”


“I know many people believe they can manage without legal advice,” she says, “and they may be right, but often overlook the fact that legal guidance can help them avoid significant expenses in the future and ultimately cost them much less. Artists who seek my assistance due to disputes with distributors or publishers often find themselves sitting in my office, feeling regretful and tearful for not consulting with me earlier. Seeking consultation from the outset is an investment in your future. Don't overlook its value."


With intellectual property specifically, it is crucial to get consultation because the logic involved in intellectual property and copyright often differs from the personal logic of everyday life. "Someone wrote a song," Michal says, "and approached me after another individual had been performing the song for an extended period, passing it off as their own. The songwriter assumed everyone knew it was her song and that reclaiming her rights would be straightforward. However, she was unaware of concepts such as reliance and third-party rights, and the urgency required in cases involving intellectual property.”


Another of Michal’s clients sought to register a trademark after years of use, only to discover that another company had also been utilizing it. Unfortunately, the was late in reaching out to Michal, seeking her assistance only after the other company had already managed to deprive him of a state contract using the same name, which had he had owned for many years.


Michal cautioned him that he had approached the issue too late, but the client pleaded with her to do everything she could, emphasizing that the project was his life’s work. Unfortunately, during a meeting with the trademark registrar, the client received explicit confirmation that the opportunity to take corrective action had passed. As a result, the client incurred the loss of hundreds of thousands of shekels and effectively lost his business.


“Don't wait!” advises Michal. “Seek consultation as early as possible! It is an investment that will bear fruit and spare you from losses and heartache.”

Examples of working with clients in matters of intellectual property and copyright:

  • businesses and enterprises regarding their intellectual property, including safeguards through intellectual property registration for designs, trademarks and patents (in collaboration with patent attorneys), explanations regarding potential exposure to intellectual property infringement, and arrangements using licenses.

  • Offering consultation on preventing copyright infringement.

  • Advising creators on protecting their rights from the outset, which may involve assisting with agreements with publishers and distributors, drafting partnership agreements for creative collaborations while regulating the future use of intellectual property, and providing information about their legal situation.

  • Guiding website owners on managing intellectual property-related issues, especially on sites where users contribute content. This may involve creating terms of use for various types of websites and managing crises related to the website’s content.

  • Drafting licenses and contracts for business and commercial copyright management.

Corporate Law

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Adv. Dr. Michal Segal-Arnold has extensive practical experience in the business realm. Having held a Vice President position at Alubin, served on the board of the Manufacturers Association and chaired the Blue and White Headquarters of the Manufacturers Association, she possesses intimate familiarity with the intricacies of the business world. Michal adeptly handles all its legal aspects, ranging from contract negotiations and company establishment to matters of administrative law and environmental quality. Her extensive expertise in intellectual property and copyrights, coupled with her hands-on experience working in corporate environments, endows her with a unique advantage in supporting businesses and companies. As an attorney and mediator, Michal’s primary objective is to resolve disputes amicably before they escalate to court, thereby saving her clients the associated costs.


Her experience at Alubin and the Manufacturers Association has provided her with firsthand insight into the realm of family-owned businesses. Through these experiences, she has encountered the unique challenges inherent in such enterprises, including family conflicts spilling over into work relations, managing family interests at odds inconsistent with the company's objectives, issues with job descriptions, financial management, and intergenerational transition. Segal-Arnold provides comprehensive legal services tailored to family-owned companies. Her goal is to address the unique needs to facilitate the prosperity of these companies, foster harmony among family members, and to carry out intergenerational transfers that benefit both the business and the family.

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The firm's legal business vision: A combination of legal professionalism and business and commercial expertise while accompanying clients and preventing disputes and lawsuits

The firm prioritizes negotiation before resorting to litigation, seeking to resolve conflicts financially on behalf of its clients. However, if negotiations fail to achieve the desired results, the firm is renowned for its consistent and aggressive representation of clients in court. Thanks to Adv. Michal Segal-Arnold’s background in the field, many business owners seek accompaniment and consultation at her office. Michal brings a wealth of practical experience to the table, enabling her to assess and analyze situations effectively and find the necessary solution.

Ongoing Wills and Powers of Attorney

An ongoing power of attorney is a legal document, drafted by a person of sound mind, that grants authority to another individual to make decisions on their behalf in the event they are deemed incapable, as stipulated by the law. This document is a part of end-of-life management. Michal provides this service, adeptly drafting ongoing powers of attorney and submitting them to the relevant authorities, all in a pleasant and approachable manner. Similarly, she handles the drafting of wills with the same level of care and consideration. Her approach to these services is characterized by a relaxed manner, yet she ensures that all implications are thoroughly considered. This meticulous attention provides her clients with peace of mind, knowing that their interests will be safeguarded both during their lifetime and after their passing.

Professional and Comprehensive Legal Service

Adv. Michal Segal-Arnold’s office provides comprehensive legal services to companies and businesses of all sizes, addressing various concerns across every stage of the business cycle. These services encompass consultation, registration, contract drafting, and representation in legal proceedings (litigation). The range of services includes preliminary consultation prior to business establishment, drafting establishment and partnership contracts, negotiating contracts with suppliers and customers, legal consulting and contract drafting for investments, mergers, acquisitions, working with banks. The office also offers general consulting on typical company development issues, the issuance of shares, share transfers, advises on labor law matters and addresses all other legal issues encountered by a company throughout their lifespans, including liquidation.

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